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WhatsApp is working on this feature related to disappearing message

To improve user convenience, WhatsApp is constantly adding new features. For select Android beta testers, the company has now unveiled a new feature. WhatsApp is reportedly testing a shortcut button for messages that disappear, according to media sources.

What does the new button do?

The portion of WhatsApp that contains messages that vanish is currently being updated. In the Android upgrade, this feature will be accessible to beta users. It will be simple to label both recent and historical talks as vanishing threads as a result. The fading portion is now accessible to more testers thanks to a recent upgrade.

How does the shortcut for the disappearing message function?

It may be accessed by users under “Manage Storage” and is advertised as a space-saving utility. Through a new feature, users will be able to mark both their recent and historical talks as vanishing threads.

Users will also have the choice to customize this functionality by opening chat details or by changing their privacy settings.

This functionality was made available to iPhone users.

Recently, WhatsApp released a new feature for iOS beta users as well. Users will be able to search for any message by date using this.

In a chat, users will be able to quickly skip to a specific date thanks to the new functionality, according to media sources. A fresh upgrade to the WhatsApp beta version has also made it possible for select beta testers to use this functionality in their chats and groups with the most recent version of iOS

Beta users must check for new features to see whether or not they are accessible to them. Users’ WhatsApp accounts will show some sort of calendar icon if this feature has been enabled. This function will debut for more users in the coming time.

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