How To Get a Verified LinkedIn Account

Looking to verified your LinkedIn account and got the blue tick on your profile

Today we are going to brief in step by step process to verify your LinkedIn account.

In today’s modern world, everyone was looking for a job. It became very difficult to find a job for a student, graduate or working professional. But every problem has a solution, we just need to find it.

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful professional social networking platforms in the world as more than 800 million people are active on LinkedIn. 

If you have a good LinkedIn profile then your chances of getting of job might be increased as most of the big companies hire their employees from Linkedin.

LinkedIn allows job seekers to get connected with their dream companies and got their dream job. According to Forbes, more than 3o million companies are hiring from LinkedIn.

Getting verified on LinkedIn is one step you can take to give prospective employers trust in the veracity of your profile. Find out more about the LinkedIn verification procedure by reading on.

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Why Is It Important To Verify Your LinkedIn Account?

We’ve all seen how people add experiences and skills to their LinkedIn accounts that they do not even have. You may make your work experience seem more legitimate and real by using this verification option. Presenting the candidate as a legitimate professional, this component strengthens the brand.

Similarly to that, this function streamlines the hiring process for employers. Employers perform all background checks, including ones on previous employment, credentials, and criminal histories, to avoid fraud or scams that can harm their company’s reputation. With the use of this function, LinkedIn attests to the veracity of the applicant’s work history to the employer.

How to Verify Your LinkedIn Account

This is one of the most asked related to LinkedIn how to get a verification blue tick on my LinkedIn profile?

It’s very simple to get the blue tick if you fulfill all requirements. Below is the complete step to get your account verification.

Request verification from LinkedIn (from LinkedIn Lookup App).

2 4 Digit OTP – You get a Verification OTP on your registered business Email ID.

3 Submit the code in LinkedIn Lookup App.

Congratulations, you successfully get verified your LinkedIn account.

Other Ways to make legit your LinkedIn Account:-

1 Get recommendations from the clients.

2 Increase your Network Connection.

3 Regularly post and engage with people.

4 Got Invited to the LinkedIn influencer program.

5 Purchase premium membership program LinkedIn.

6 Add Certificates and Other Credentials



Requesting the verification and inputting the four-digit number on the LinkedIn Lookup App are the only two steps needed to become verified on LinkedIn.

Verification on LinkedIn increases the legitimacy of the data on your profile and distinguishes you from other users. Similarly to this, by confirming your skills, you can assure employers that the information on your profile is accurate and not just a tactic to get their attention.

So, put these concepts we provided to use. These should improve your job market posture and increase your visibility and trustworthiness.

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